Delta Wing Holster

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Delta Wing Holster works with your natural movement.

#P100 - Outer Waist Band

#P110 - Inner Waist Band

Sleek in design and engineered for split-second draw, the low profile Delta Wing holster is exceptionally lightweight and highly effective in easily securing and deploying your weapon.

Running forwards, backwards, or sideways makes a true vertical draw stroke almost impossible. The Delta Wing offers just enough forgiveness to allow for a slick presentation from the holster even when stress is high. The Delta Wing comes in both IWB and OWB versions.

  • Patent Pending open front and open back construction provides a fast, forgiving draw
  • Patent Pending, vertical fold, single piece hinge design provides space efficient, Level 1 Retention
  • Adjustable cant to accommodate body types and draw preference
  • Ejection port and Trigger Guard retention for sound Level 1 retention
  • Audible auto lock upon holstering allows user to ensure the weapon is properly holstered
  • Intuitive design allows for FULL positive Shooter’s Grip on your weapon
  • Less drag once retention is cleared during draw
  • Allows for a fast, flexible, forgiving draw from any position
  • Ergonomically contoured for superior comfort and fit
  • Optional spacing pads included for additional adjustability
  • Interchangeable paddle and belt loop (P100 OWB)
  • Snap-in tabs for belt loop accommodates various belt widths (P100 OWB)
  • Swivel belt loop allows for cant to accommodate wear and draw preference, and can be locked in for consistency (P110 IWB)
  • The swivel belt loop comes already mounted on the holster (P110 IWB)
  • For users that want to fix the position of the swivel belt loop, simply angle the belt loop in your preferred position, and tighten the screw to fix the position (P110 IWB)


Delta Wing is designed to accommodate specific handgun models. Please verify holster size and weapon-fit, and be sure to read all instructions and warnings prior to use.

Holster Fit Size Model #
image Glock 19 and 23 SIZE 19 P100-19
image Glock 19 and 23 SIZE 19 P110-19
image Glock 43 SIZE 5 P100-5
image Glock 43 SIZE 5 P110-5
image Sig P365 SIZE 15 P100-15
image Sig P365 SIZE 15 P110-15
image S&W M&P Shield SIZE 8 P100-8
image S&W M&P Shield SIZE 8 P110-8


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